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Program Director Positions open in Grand Forks and Minot!


REM is looking for Program Directors (PD) in Grand Forks and Minot! The responsibilities include writing and approving individual program plans and implementing them. PD’s are responsible for audits, advocacy, visiting programs weekly, scheduling appointments and doing a follow up, team meetings, and maintaining communication with families, case managers, contractors and stakeholders. PD’s will assure compliance, provide financial management and suppling adequate medical supplies and equipment. PD’s will be involved with interviewing and hiring of new employees, disciplinary actions and completing schedules with current employees. PD’s supervise Program Supervisors and are consider On-call employees. 


Bachelor’s degree in a human service field. 

One year of working in the human service field.

Valid drivers license and can provide car registration and auto insurance.

Passing a background and reference check.

If you’re interested in The Mentor Network/ Sevita please go to the links below.

The MENTOR Network is becoming Sevita.

By becoming Sevita, we’re changing the way we tell our story. Our mission is the same. Who we are at our core is the same. It powerfully celebrates life, growth, and independence. We believe that every person has the right to live well — that is at the heart of the Sevita/ The Mentor Network brand.Sevita/The MENTOR Network is a mission driven organization dedicated first and foremost to the children and adults we serve and support.



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