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The Ethics of Working with Difficult Clients

In Partnership with NASW-IL

The Ethics of Working with Difficult Clients

Date: Monday, December 5th

Time: 10-11:30 am

Location: Zoom

Description: Most of us think of 'ethics' as simply doing the right thing, but with new discoveries in behavioral science, the end of the pandemic, followed by a digital takeover, --the ethics of a humanizing therapeutic relationship with each client might be planned and practiced To mirror, join, and support a struggling client's effort towards better mental and emotional health--perhaps this requires new levels of truth. It's genuine to not know the answer, to admit a mistake, or to remain Kind and present with the difficult client. Professional and well-boundaried first, you embody the ethic of social work, then you practice with a renewed and genuine care for the human being; we all are becoming..

Presenter: Marilyn Hengst received Best Actress Award upon graduating BA in Drama from Principia College. She won the Playwrighting Award in graduate school at SIU. Her professional acting work started in 1970 with the movie "Bananas".She married Jeff Hamln, they had one child, both their careers flourished, but she became more interested in studying Modern Psychoanalysis than Acting. Opps--it caused a divorce! Free to Learn:1996 an MSW Degree from Yeshiva University, in 2000 a PhD, in 2008 an LCSW in NV.

Cost: 2 CEU / $25 Nonmember / $15 NASW Member / Free for students (no CEUs)


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