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5 Steps to Becoming an Effective Voter

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5 Steps to Becoming an Effective Voter

With the election 4 days away, timing is critical to cast your ballot. Make your voice heard this election season by following these 5 simple steps to effective voting.

1. Make a Plan - Effective voting takes time. Make it a priority to not only figure out who to vote for but also the logistics: how to get there, what day/time to go, if you going solo or with a friend, etc. Set a reminder on your phone then share your plan with others! Encourage them to keep you accountable.

2. Ballot Research - Finding candidates information for your ballot just became easy with these simple resources! Check out VOTE411 or Ballot Ready to research everything from your US Senate Candidates to local judges.

3. Find ID Materials - ND voters need proper identification to be able to vote. Your ID must include your name, current residential street address, and date of birth. Acceptable forms of ID include:

  • North Dakota driver's license
  • North Dakota non-driver's ID card
  • Tribal-government-issued ID card
  • Long-term care certificate (provided by ND facility


If your ID does not include a ND residential address or date of birth, or the ND address is not current, you will need to supplement the ID. Click here for more info.

4. Find your Polling Place - Redistricting and consolidation may have changed your polling place this election season. Don't spin your wheels on election day, click this link to find your polling places for both early and election day voting.

5. Go Vote! - Now that the hard work is out of the way, go execute your vote! Take a picture and share with friends how easy and essential it is to be an active voter. Together, we can make big changes.

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